If you’re thinking about getting married and want to find a Russian woman to marry, you’ve come to the right place. Russian brides can be found online through dating websites. To become a member of a Russian mail order bride service, you first need to contact the company. Once you’ve registered, you’ll have to complete a questionnaire to help the company match you with a woman. This process is done automatically on the websites and is based on your interests, personality, appearance and other details.


Russia is undeniably a country worth exploring. Yet, many Western European and American guys are interested in Russian culture due to its charming women. Russian women have always inspired European artists due to their exceptional beauty and outstanding character. In our find a bride review, we will lift the veil on the “mysterious Russian soul” and tell you everything about dating Russian women.

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Russian Women Characteristics

The beauty of a Russian woman is undeniably appealing to foreign men. They are tall, curvy, and skinny. They may have Slavic or German roots. Regardless of their appearance, Russian women are likely to be sympathetic and understanding. Besides, there’s nothing quite like a Russian bride to take care of a family. The brides that you meet through Russian mail order brides are often extremely beautiful and will make you happy.

Tender and Romantic

Russian women are much softer in relationships compared to American or Western European women. They value romantic gestures and will be happy to receive flowers, accept their husbands’ decisions unquestionably, and give themselves in your powerful embrace.

Unlike American women, Russian brides are less direct and tend to iron out arguments and difficulties. They are much more understandable (but not that submissive as Asian girls, though).

They can be Strong

Russian brides can be strong if they get to the troublesome situation. They can endure harsh living conditions, lack of sleep, emotional and physical exhaustion. Many divorced women nurture their children alone, providing them with a high-quality education, which is quite hard with low Russian salaries and purchasing power. It requires cast-iron diligence and perseverance.

If a Russian woman’s children require this all, she will move earth and heaven to ensure they have the best nutrition, the best education, the best clothes, etc.

What benefits does it bring to you? It means your Russian wife will go through any difficulties by your side.

Sharp Mind and High-quality Education

A typical Russian spends seven hours per week reading, which is two hours more compared to Americans. Additionally, Russia is between the countries with the highest literacy rate and tertiary education attainment. Over 54% of the Russian population has at least bachelor – level education. Due to this, most Russian brides are incredibly smart and open-minded. They are less prone to propaganda and become good listeners and conversationalists. They can share a thoughtful piece of advice and help you resolve your worries.

On top of that, Russian brides, especially younger generations, tend to learn foreign languages, primarily English. Nevertheless, most Russians don’t speak English fluently. You will have to aim at single Russian brides with linguistics degrees since they are usually proficient in English and can even give you some grammar lessons.

Charm your Russian woman with Good Manners

Be a gentleman while dating Russian women. You will instantly melt their hearts with a powerful combination of good manners, your status (WOW! He is an American!), and a stylish outfit. So do these things:

  • Hold the door open for your woman.
  • Pull out a chair for your Russian woman.
  • Pay compliments to your lady. Russian brides want to feel cherished and wait for you to notice and evaluate their makeup.
  • Pay the check (in the restaurant, cinema, museum, theater, etc.). Russian women perceive it as a gentleman’s gesture.

Avoid Political Discussions

Today, Russians have quite complicated relations with Ukrainians because of Ukraine’s military conflict and annexed Crimea. People follow different ideas, and you may not know whether your claims are provocative to them. Thus, it is better to avoid political discussions.

Maintain Warm Relationships with your Lady’s Parents

If you aim at Russian brides for marriage, you have to befriend their parents. Russian parents might be very protective. You have to persuade them that you are the right husband candidate for her daughter. For this, help her parents, show up frequently, be respectful, and accept their invitations.

Are Russian Brides Legal?

For the most part, dating agencies with Russian girls (just like thousands of niche dating platforms) operate legally, pay taxes, and do unite souls. However, you should be careful with agencies claiming they have Russian brides for sale. Most of them use such claims for promotional purposes. However, some unfaithful dating companies may practice human trafficking. Sure, you don’t want to participate in any illegal activities.

The Bottom Line

Western men are so obsessed with Russian women for plenty of solid reasons. Indeed, Russian girls become caring, submissive, and, most importantly, loyal wives. If you have a beautiful and faithful woman ready to spend a life with you, isn’t it happiness? If you dream of creating a healthy family with a hot woman, you can undoubtedly set sights on Russian ladies.