Living in an era of great technological change makes meeting new people across the globe as easy as breathing. Still, if you’re looking for the love of your life, you have to know the best country to meet a wife. We collected a few ideas for you to start. Good luck in your search!

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What country has the best wives

Before you think about a possible answer to this question, take your time to understand what is the definition of a good wife for you. Some mail order wives cannot imagine their lives without making a career. They do their best to find work-life balance and hardly ever quit their jobs. On the other hand, some wives are ready to devote themselves to the family entirely. They can happily raise two or three children and keep your house warm and cozy. Also, some wives are unexpected and freedom-loving and therefore you hardly make them sit at home or follow you as they go their path. Once you have decided for yourself, you can go on searching for the best country to find a wife.

As you may have already noticed, if you have done some research earlier, all people are different. There is no such nation where the women wish to get a family only or want to spend their lives working. But still, there are a few places in the world that you definitely need to pay attention to. 

Best country to meet a wife

If you’re looking for a wife from foreign country, don’t worry; many Asian and European women are extremely attractive and are available in any country. However, you should be aware that the foreign women are usually shy and reserved. If you want to impress them, try talking with one of them in English to make sure she’s ready to start a family. There is a very high chance you’ll find a wife abroad.

You can use an online dating website to do so. This service will allow you to find a woman based on your background, beliefs, and preferences. You don’t have to be a billionaire to find a wife, and you’ll be able to make a decent living.

Slavic countries

It is known that Russia and Ukraine are among the best countries to find a wife. Russian women are beautiful, kind and family-oriented. Therefore, they can sacrifice a lot for the good of their husbands and children. Most of them are taught from childhood to be nice and caring housewives. They enjoy cooking and keeping their apartments cozy. Also, they are open to meeting foreigners and they are used to the patriarchal style of family. Will you ask for more if you meet such a woman?

When it comes to Ukrainian women, you have to know they are different from Russian in several ways. The culture of people and women, in particular, here is closer to European and deviates from Russian. They are well-educated and willing to have a good job, not only a family. They enjoy traveling a lot and have hobbies besides work. Also, women here look for the equal division of the responsibilities regarding raising children and housekeeping since the work-life balance is what Ukrainians are aiming at. In this country, wives are respected family members and their opinion weighs as much as the one of a husband. Thus, if you are looking for an equal partner, this nation can be a good fit for you.

slavic brides


When thinking about what country has the best wives, consider Asian states. Women of this region are famous all over the world for their beauty and wisdom (you should have noticed how often they win beauty contests!). Meanwhile, if you think all of them are the same, you are wrong. Japanese wives are not similar to Chinese or Filipinos. 

Asian countries have different customs and traditions in family and housekeeping, therefore, you have to pay a lot of attention to them when choosing the best country for mail order brides. For instance, Japanese wives are fully devoted to their husbands. You will never regret having such a wife: she would be not only loving but also elegant and well-educated. Thai wives are open and smile a lot, but are often shy in public. Filipino wives are positive and can care a lot about their men: from keeping the house to arranging the economic matters of the family. Chinese wives are humble and moderate, but they are nice in communication. 

asian brides

Latin America

If you are still curious about which nationality makes the best wives besides listed above, take a look at countries of Latin America. Women here are beautiful, cheerful and positive. They are famous for their beauty and talents: singing and dancing. What’s more, they are committed for life to those whom they choose as their partners, so if you’re looking for a life-long bright relationship, meet a Latina.